Rugby is one of the oldest games in the world. This game originated in 1823 in Rugby, Warwickshire England when a student named William Webb Ellis picked up and ran away with the ball during a football match. This paved the way for the creation of rugby football as a sport.

Although its popularity is shadowed by football and soccer, it still remains as one of the most watched game every season. Countries around the globe compete to win the coveted Rugby World Cup. Rugby is so popular that players are flocked by groups of women. Many players use fuckbook style dating apps like Meet And Fuck and find many dates. There are many more a like as well.

Here are the top performing countries that made it to the top 5 of the World Rugby Rankings:

New Zealand

The team “All Blacks” of New Zealand tops this list. New Zealand has long been a top competitor in this game ever since they joined the international game in 1903. The name All Blacks was derived from the team’s uniform which was all in black. The team has brought to its country countless wins from both local and international competitions.

Some of its former members have even been inducted into the international rugby hall of fame. Currently, they are the Rugby’s World Champions, having won the world cup in 2011, 2015 and the 1987 Inaugural Cup. They were named world rugby’s “Team of the Year” seven consecutive times from 2010 – 2016.

Aside from its amazing prowess, this team also became famous for their “Haka” which is their traditional Maori war cry or challenge. The All Blacks perform this before every game in front of their rival team.


The English Rugby Team is the second-ranked rugby team in the world, with a ranking point as high as 90.46. They were called Reds and Whites for a time, after the team’s rose emblem; however, this name was very seldom used. The team’s players wear a white jersey decorated with a rose, white shorts and navy socks.

The English team is part of the Six Nations Side which includes Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Italy, and France. England received their highest world ranking in 2004 when they became the number one team. They are the only team from continental Europe to actually win the World Cup. Their biggest win was against Romania in 2001 where they beat Romania for 134 points.

Like New Zealand, many notable players from England were also inducted into the international rugby hall of fame.


Australia’s “Wallabies” hold the title for the third spot in the rugby world ranking. Another big contender for the World Cup, this team has a world ranking of 86.35.

After the New Zealand team’s nickname became so popular, there was increased demand for the Australian team to have one too. So they were named after the wallaby, a marsupial which belongs to the family of kangaroos. The colors green and gold then became the team’s jersey color.

After having their lowest rank (sixth) in 2015, they have successfully bounced back to second place in 2016, their highest recorded rank. In October 2003 they defeated Namibia, in their greatest game ever where the score was 142 for Australia and 0 for Namibia. Since 1987, they have joined the World Cup eight times, rising higher in the ranks every time.


Another top rugby team is the Irish Rugby Team. This team is part of the Six Nations Side and like the other European countries has not adopted a nickname for their team. They are, however, very recognizable for their green jersey.

There is an on-going rivalry between Ireland and England, and this sometimes translates to their game. Ireland, as the fourth in the world rankings, competes annually in the Six Nations Championship and the Rugby World Cup. Its highest ever ranking in the world cup was in 2015 where it achieved second place for the first time. Overall, their point rankings for this year are 83.53 which makes them a fierce competitor.


Wales is not only known for their beautiful and rugged coastal areas but also for their strong rugby team. They are very distinct with their red jersey with an embroidered red dragon on the back. Admirably, the Welsh team have won the Six Nations Championship for 26 times. The team however dropped to the fifth spot this year from the second spot last 2015. They were the first team who played against the New Zealand team in 1905 at Cardiff and they defeated the All Blacks 3 to 0. Recently their point rankings remain at 82.99, a few points below Ireland.

With the next Rugby World Cup practically around the corner, expectations are ripe and the pressure is on all the teams. The next one will be held in Japan in 2019. Now with only 2 years before the event, other powerhouse countries like South Africa, Scotland, France, Argentina, Japan, and Italy will be vying for the top spots. Will the All Blacks remain on top or will another team surpass them?

Living Hard disc using e-coli bacterium

Why we research about the replacement of electronics?

First thing is first. Are you an eager person to know what is exactly happening in the genetic engineering field? Get use of this page to know the current research on this field of genetically repaired organisms that used as the memory devices.

Before getting noticed about the trend, first know what are E-COLI? E-Coli are a type of bacteria which is present in intestine of human. It is a gram negative rod shaped bacteria which are fit to human body temperature but can survive only inside the body and last their lifetime only up to 50 minutes after the human body that which they lived is dead.

There should be a reason to choose this type of bacteria especially for memory saving purposes. A Special quality of these bacteria have a within them is Gene replication. Once they are attacked by invading viruses, they can take the DNA sample of the specified virus and store the sample into their cell core for their purpose of defence. They have the standard quality of passing the sample they took from the invading virus to their generation.

How Scientists making this E-COLI

Scientists have come up the innovative thought of using this DNA replicating capability of E-Coli by imposing the memory bit as a sample into the e-coli genome instead of the virus sample. It can be used as the memory device, by implementing memory bits instead of DNA sample. By implementing memory bit the data in the “RETRON” DNA will save the data and process of storing will go ahead with it and the data will be there even after the data carrying retron dead because it pass the data to their generation . RETRON is the main thing involved in this research because retron is the innermost part of the bacterium which is the reason for sample replicating capacity of bacterium.

Working nature of E-COLI

To know the working detail then go through the coming statements of converting living organism’s Genome into the memory bit. First of all, the e-coli DNA should be repaired and the repaired DNA will form a recombinase enzyme sample. The reason for using this recombinase sample of enzyme and it is the main reason to insert a DNA or a specified group of single standard DNA into the targeted site. After the DNA is recombinase with enzyme then it is inserted to the cell of programmed site. Then we can target any place of the genome to inbuilt a memory into the cell where they are now ready to accept the sample of any type that they going to combine from the outer source which we going to inbuilt. Once the memory in the cell is recorded then the memory is stored for up to their life time and the data stored will be present even after the death of particular cell by passing the data to their generation. Even though the data is become genome resisted one the RETRON of cell can make a best replacement of the DNA for the sample to store.

Make changes in your DNA

Here the scientists have made a second option of editing and deleting of the data that are stored in the cell. By implementing the own DNA into the place where the data stored the DNA sample can overlap the data that which is stored as a memory bit. After deleting the data by making overlap the gene will be ready to accept the next source for that specialized area. Now the process on this research is going on based on the way of editing and deleting method should be made easy. By making correction and detection as easier as trial and error method, it will give to the public use. We cannot make the device as commercial as the electronic device used now days. But this will be better replacement for the current method.

The main reason scientists have research on this base is to bring a bridge between electronics and genetics. This method will increase the life time of the device and can design a device compact with extended memory space. It gives increased performance inside the human body.

This will be applicable in human body detection system. It can store the actual happening inside the human body within a proper range of time which is useful for the analysis of disease attacked to the patient. It can be use as a replacement for memory device like hard disc and pen drives. Without using DSP for memory processing we can directly access the analog data into the memory.

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The History of Rugby

Legend has it that it all started in 1823 when a young player, William Webb Ellis, from Rugby School in England picked up the ball and ran with it towards the opposition’s goal line. It has then evolved into one of the most popular and greatest team sports in the world.

In 1858, Adrian van der Byl, who was recognized as one of the best footballers on the field, moved to Edinburgh and attended in Merchiston School. He captained the school in what was probably the first ever inter-schools match, against Edinburgh’s Royal High School, and then against Edinburgh Academy later in the year.

Enthusiasm for rugby slowly spilled out of the schools and universities. Several adult rugby clubs were formed, most notably in Liverpool in 1857 and in Blackheath in 1858. Berkshire adopted the game in 1860. As the sport expanded, its rules began to be amended and altered according to the needs of schools and adult clubs.

As various different rules led to glitches and a necessary solution had to be done to answer the problem, 11 London-based clubs held a meeting in October 1863 and discussed the formation of the Football Association. It aimed to draw up a common set of rules that could be played by all footballers.

However, it was not that simple. Numerous injuries caused by hacking and several incidents of abdominal injuries resulted to public condemnations. The Football Association had to face the challenge and had to put rugby in order. In 1870, the Football Association organised two international games between England and Scotland, and to organise an international match, a governing body was required.

That same year, Blackheath secretary Benjamin Burns and his counterpart Edwin Ash published a letter that some fixed code of rules should be adopted by all clubs. There should be ground rules in order not to result in confusion and disputes. The two hoped that all clubs will join them in framing a code of rules.

On January 26, 1871, after six long meetings to reach an agreement, the Rugby Football Union (RFU) was founded. Their goal was to frame a code of football based upon the Rugby system of play. The 32 delegates representing 21 clubs appointed a sub-committee to draw up the “Laws of the Game.”

In 1889, the Rugby Football Union began a new county championship tournament and by the early 1890s, the England side, reliant on northern players, did the Grand Slam to win the Home Nations Championship. The team also defeated Scotland in the final match.

In 1895, leading northern clubs decided to leave the Rugby Football Union after they were banned from receiving payment for missed work when they played rugby. Rugby was then divided into two main codes, the Rugby League and the Rugby Union.

Rugby took part in 1900 Olympic Games, this was after a meeting conducted by the Organising Committee. The group responsible for the Athletics Games considered rugby football in the list of sports to be included in the program. On May 1924, the Olympic rugby tournament was held in Paris.

In 1910, France joined the Home Nations Championship which was originally played among teams from England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. With the addition of France, this became the Five Nations Championship, which later on became the Six Nations Championship with the addition of Italy.

Rugby league was recognised in France by Jean Galia. However, in 1941, the Vichy France government banned Rugby League following its desire to ban all professional sports. With this, Rugby Union had regained its funds and properties. In 1944, the Vichy France government fell. Thus, the ban on Ruby League was lifted.

In 1951, South American Rugby Championship, organized by Sudamerica Rugby, commenced. It was a round-robin tournament, with each team playing each other once at a designated host stadium. Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay were the core teams. Brazil, Paraguay, and Peru, later on, completed the teams in the tournament.

First held in France in 1954, the Rugby League World Cup kicked off. It was initially composed of the four nations – Australia, Great Britain, France, and New Zealand. Great Britain won the first Ruby League World Cup. Australia won in 1957 and Great Britain in 1960.

From the school playground to the Rugby World Cup, rugby continues to be one of the growing sports. Fan and lovers of the sport have grown. Players are viewed as sexual icons in many parts of the world. Players find themselves consumed with fans and milf sex as they become more and more popular. The amount of milf pics they receive is insane. The sport offers a truly unique and rewarding experience to everyone, from players to rugby sports lovers. It is a social sport that demands good sportsmanship, a social game that is filled with teamwork and camaraderie.

Best Activities While Traveling in Vegas

You know what they say – what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

The Sin City is indeed one of the best places to visit in the world for thrill-seekers, gamers and tourists. We’ve rounded up some of the best activities while traveling in Vegas. Read on our list to discover that there’s truly nothing like this entertainment city.

  1. Pay its renowned gaming industry a visit.

Las Vegas isn’t called Sin City for nothing. The rich and vibrant city boasts of a number of world-famous entertainment establishments. For instance, the Caesars Palace, which has been around for over 5 decades, mirrors Sin City profligacy. It is considered as one of the last remaining ancient properties in the city.

If you’re into poker, Bellagio Hotel and Casino is the best place for you. This is where top players from all around the world flock. In Downtown Las Vegas, the Golden Nugget is another gaming establishment to visit. If you prefer slot machines and video poker, the Palms is the ultimate choice

  1. Watch a show.

Your trip to Vegas wouldn’t be complete without letting your eyes feast on its spectacular production offerings. From theater acts to full-production shows, Vegas will surely offer incomparable acts of entertainment to remember.

The world famous Cirque du Soleil offers a wide range of regular shows in Vegas and it’s one of the highlights of the city and among the best activities while traveling in Vegas.

The Blue Man Group’s show at the Luxor, or Penn & Teller’s magical show are among other sought-after shows in the city. You may also catch a run of the Four Seasons musical and Jersey Boys in the city’s very own Paris.

  1. Visit its landmarks.

Las Vegas can also take you to places you’ve never been before. Want to visit Macau and Venice? Las Vegas boasts of its gondolas and the perfect view at the Venetian. It also has a mini New York of its own, complete with the Empire State Building, Central Park, and Statue of Liberty. A New York hotel, Bellagio Hotel, also has its own version of the Lake Como of Italy.

  1. Try out Vegas specialty drinks.

The Sin City wouldn’t be itself without the drinks. The number of bottles offered along Las Vegas Strip is nothing compared to other bars in the world. If you’re into cocktail drinks, the Downtown Cocktail Room is the best place for sophisticated choices. Level 107 Lounge of the Stratosphere boasts of a fine variety of signature cocktails, beer, top-shelf spirits, and a sheer collection of wine. Aureole, on the other hand, features a four-story wine tower, complete with “wine angels” to get hold of them.

On the other side of the heaven and hell spectrum (and fittingly located only a few blocks down) is the famed Peppermill Fireside Lounge that has a cozy fire pit and world-renowned 64oz libation known as the Scorpion. One sting can fall a man for a week.

  1. Go on a museum hopping.

No, this isn’t only a haven for adults who want to have fun. Las Vegas does not fall short of child-friendly places to offer. For families, groups or individuals who are opting for a more wholesome activity, museum hopping is a must in your Vegas itinerary.

Revel in lights and art at the Neon Museum, featuring lights from olden establishments in the city. Children can also take delight in Las Vegas’ rich history at Las Vegas Natural History Museum. Discovery Children’s Museum offers a wide range of activities and learning experiences for kids and kids at heart.

  1. Be one with nature.

About 15 kilometers west of Vegas, the vast red rock formations of the Red Rock Canyon is definitely a sight to see. This is the best bet for rock climbers and hikers. The historic Las Vegas Springs Preserve also has nature trails, botanical gardens and museum exhibits.

If you don’t want to stray too far from the city, the Conservatory & Botanical Gardens of Bellagio Hotel is also a good place to visit for some fresh breath of nature.

  1. Ride fun rides at the Stratosphere

Vegas’ Stratosphere Hotel is best known for its wide range of exciting rides and attractions. It’s one of the best activities while traveling in Vegas for thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies. Some of its famous rides include the Sky Jump, the Big Shot, the Insanity and the X-Scream.

  1. Go on a date!

Vegas is a special city if you’re single. There are tons of girls and guys who visit the city to get outside of their normal life and that means hooking up with a stranger. If you enjoy Snapchat Nudes and Snapchat Sexting then check out the app Snapsexter while in Las Vegas. This app will surely bring you action online and lead you to meeting up with another person to make your own snapchat porn! You wont be disappointed.

The list goes on because the city never runs out of exciting activities in store for both locals and tourists. Some other activities that may be enjoyed include roaming around to visit free attractions like the dancing fountains and lights at night, and of course, a bunch of food trip.

Games to play while traveling

Generally, all road trips with family or friends are fun in itself, but a good game can make the trip as memorable as the destination. This article will enumerate and explain the rules of some of the most fun road trip games.


Contact is a fun road trip game but can take a while to understand. Basically, the game involves having one host and several participants. The host will think of a word and give the first letter of that word to the participants. As an example, the host’s word is “boomerang, so he will give letter “b” as the first clue.

From there, the person seated next to the host will think of a word that starts with the letter “b”, and give a clue in the form of a question. If the word is “bone”, then an appropriate clue would be “something that dogs love”. The host has a chance to prevent the participants from revealing more letters and guessing his word by counter-guessing the clue giver’s word.

If the host fails to guess that the word is “bone” yet another participant gets the clue, he must challenge the clue giver by shouting “Contact!”. After 10 seconds, the challenger and the clue giver will shout the word they are thinking at the same time. If they shouted the same word, then they had a successful “Contact”. The host will have to reveal another letter: in this case, it will be “bo”. It is game over when the host is forced to reveal enough letters for the participants to guess his word.

Travel Bingo

Travel Bingo is a fun road trip game, especially for interstate trips. To play the game, each player must list 25 names of states and arrange them randomly in the form of a bingo card. Once on the trip, the players must watch for vehicles that have a license plate registered on a state that is in their bingo card and cross out that state. The person who completes a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line from the crossed-out states wins.


Padiddle, or sometimes spelled as Padital, involves spotting any car with only one headlight from either direction. Once one has been spotted, the player must shout “Padiddle” and tap the roof of the car once. A car counts as one point; a bus equals five points; a truck is ten points; and a police car adds a win to the person. The first person to rack up an agreed-upon number of points is the winner.

License Plate Poker

License Plate Poker is a new and exciting way to take advantage of incoming license plates to pass the time during long road trips. Basically, each player will make a poker hand based on the license plates of any car they see; however, they are only allowed to choose from three license plates, or else, they are out for the round. The person with the best hand wins the round.

Players must follow several rules when translating license plates into a poker hand. Firstly, “A” and “1” stands as an Ace, while “0” is a ten. Secondly, letters “J”, “Q”, and “K” are Jack, Queen, and King respectively. Lastly, “W” is a wild card which can take on any number or face card that the player prefers. Any other letter will be unusable for the game.

For example, if a license plate reads 7P55005, then it translates to Full House 5’s over 10’s.

One word story/one sentence story

One word/sentence story is an all-time favorite not only in road trips, but in almost every fun gathering. The game works by forming a story made from chained words, phrases, or sentences among the participants. The group must work as a team to form a coherent story, and a stutter or delay in utterance from any participant will destroy the story and the other participants may agree on the corresponding punishment.


Fortunately/Unfortunately is an old game, but it is one of the quirkiest games to play on the road. Basically, a person will start by saying something unfortunate such as, “unfortunately, there is no more food on the fridge.” Then, the next person will say something fortunate about the provided unfortunate situation: “fortunately, you do not need fridge anymore.” The game goes on, forming a chain of unfortunate and fortunate situations.

From the simplest to the complex, any road trip game, or any game for that matter, is best played in larger groups. Although three is indeed a crowd, a group of four to six people will certainly make the fun of any road trip games shoot through the roof. Another fun thing is free live sex and you can get all your sex pics from Sex Swipes.