Living Hard disc using e-coli bacterium

Why we research about the replacement of electronics?

First thing is first. Are you an eager person to know what is exactly happening in the genetic engineering field? Get use of this page to know the current research on this field of genetically repaired organisms that used as the memory devices.

Before getting noticed about the trend, first know what are E-COLI? E-Coli are a type of bacteria which is present in intestine of human. It is a gram negative rod shaped bacteria which are fit to human body temperature but can survive only inside the body and last their lifetime only up to 50 minutes after the human body that which they lived is dead.

There should be a reason to choose this type of bacteria especially for memory saving purposes. A Special quality of these bacteria have a within them is Gene replication. Once they are attacked by invading viruses, they can take the DNA sample of the specified virus and store the sample into their cell core for their purpose of defence. They have the standard quality of passing the sample they took from the invading virus to their generation.

How Scientists making this E-COLI

Scientists have come up the innovative thought of using this DNA replicating capability of E-Coli by imposing the memory bit as a sample into the e-coli genome instead of the virus sample. It can be used as the memory device, by implementing memory bits instead of DNA sample. By implementing memory bit the data in the “RETRON” DNA will save the data and process of storing will go ahead with it and the data will be there even after the data carrying retron dead because it pass the data to their generation . RETRON is the main thing involved in this research because retron is the innermost part of the bacterium which is the reason for sample replicating capacity of bacterium.

Working nature of E-COLI

To know the working detail then go through the coming statements of converting living organism’s Genome into the memory bit. First of all, the e-coli DNA should be repaired and the repaired DNA will form a recombinase enzyme sample. The reason for using this recombinase sample of enzyme and it is the main reason to insert a DNA or a specified group of single standard DNA into the targeted site. After the DNA is recombinase with enzyme then it is inserted to the cell of programmed site. Then we can target any place of the genome to inbuilt a memory into the cell where they are now ready to accept the sample of any type that they going to combine from the outer source which we going to inbuilt. Once the memory in the cell is recorded then the memory is stored for up to their life time and the data stored will be present even after the death of particular cell by passing the data to their generation. Even though the data is become genome resisted one the RETRON of cell can make a best replacement of the DNA for the sample to store.

Make changes in your DNA

Here the scientists have made a second option of editing and deleting of the data that are stored in the cell. By implementing the own DNA into the place where the data stored the DNA sample can overlap the data that which is stored as a memory bit. After deleting the data by making overlap the gene will be ready to accept the next source for that specialized area. Now the process on this research is going on based on the way of editing and deleting method should be made easy. By making correction and detection as easier as trial and error method, it will give to the public use. We cannot make the device as commercial as the electronic device used now days. But this will be better replacement for the current method.

The main reason scientists have research on this base is to bring a bridge between electronics and genetics. This method will increase the life time of the device and can design a device compact with extended memory space. It gives increased performance inside the human body.

This will be applicable in human body detection system. It can store the actual happening inside the human body within a proper range of time which is useful for the analysis of disease attacked to the patient. It can be use as a replacement for memory device like hard disc and pen drives. Without using DSP for memory processing we can directly access the analog data into the memory.

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