Games to play while traveling

Generally, all road trips with family or friends are fun in itself, but a good game can make the trip as memorable as the destination. This article will enumerate and explain the rules of some of the most fun road trip games.


Contact is a fun road trip game but can take a while to understand. Basically, the game involves having one host and several participants. The host will think of a word and give the first letter of that word to the participants. As an example, the host’s word is “boomerang, so he will give letter “b” as the first clue.

From there, the person seated next to the host will think of a word that starts with the letter “b”, and give a clue in the form of a question. If the word is “bone”, then an appropriate clue would be “something that dogs love”. The host has a chance to prevent the participants from revealing more letters and guessing his word by counter-guessing the clue giver’s word.

If the host fails to guess that the word is “bone” yet another participant gets the clue, he must challenge the clue giver by shouting “Contact!”. After 10 seconds, the challenger and the clue giver will shout the word they are thinking at the same time. If they shouted the same word, then they had a successful “Contact”. The host will have to reveal another letter: in this case, it will be “bo”. It is game over when the host is forced to reveal enough letters for the participants to guess his word.

Travel Bingo

Travel Bingo is a fun road trip game, especially for interstate trips. To play the game, each player must list 25 names of states and arrange them randomly in the form of a bingo card. Once on the trip, the players must watch for vehicles that have a license plate registered on a state that is in their bingo card and cross out that state. The person who completes a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line from the crossed-out states wins.


Padiddle, or sometimes spelled as Padital, involves spotting any car with only one headlight from either direction. Once one has been spotted, the player must shout “Padiddle” and tap the roof of the car once. A car counts as one point; a bus equals five points; a truck is ten points; and a police car adds a win to the person. The first person to rack up an agreed-upon number of points is the winner.

License Plate Poker

License Plate Poker is a new and exciting way to take advantage of incoming license plates to pass the time during long road trips. Basically, each player will make a poker hand based on the license plates of any car they see; however, they are only allowed to choose from three license plates, or else, they are out for the round. The person with the best hand wins the round.

Players must follow several rules when translating license plates into a poker hand. Firstly, “A” and “1” stands as an Ace, while “0” is a ten. Secondly, letters “J”, “Q”, and “K” are Jack, Queen, and King respectively. Lastly, “W” is a wild card which can take on any number or face card that the player prefers. Any other letter will be unusable for the game.

For example, if a license plate reads 7P55005, then it translates to Full House 5’s over 10’s.

One word story/one sentence story

One word/sentence story is an all-time favorite not only in road trips, but in almost every fun gathering. The game works by forming a story made from chained words, phrases, or sentences among the participants. The group must work as a team to form a coherent story, and a stutter or delay in utterance from any participant will destroy the story and the other participants may agree on the corresponding punishment.


Fortunately/Unfortunately is an old game, but it is one of the quirkiest games to play on the road. Basically, a person will start by saying something unfortunate such as, “unfortunately, there is no more food on the fridge.” Then, the next person will say something fortunate about the provided unfortunate situation: “fortunately, you do not need fridge anymore.” The game goes on, forming a chain of unfortunate and fortunate situations.

From the simplest to the complex, any road trip game, or any game for that matter, is best played in larger groups. Although three is indeed a crowd, a group of four to six people will certainly make the fun of any road trip games shoot through the roof. Another fun thing is free live sex and you can get all your sex pics from Sex Swipes.