Rugby is one of the oldest games in the world. This game originated in 1823 in Rugby, Warwickshire England when a student named William Webb Ellis picked up and ran away with the ball during a football match. This paved the way for the creation of rugby football as a sport.

Although its popularity is shadowed by football and soccer, it still remains as one of the most watched game every season. Countries around the globe compete to win the coveted Rugby World Cup. Rugby is so popular that players are flocked by groups of women. Many players use fuckbook style dating apps like Meet And Fuck and find many dates. There are many more a like as well.

Here are the top performing countries that made it to the top 5 of the World Rugby Rankings:

New Zealand

The team “All Blacks” of New Zealand tops this list. New Zealand has long been a top competitor in this game ever since they joined the international game in 1903. The name All Blacks was derived from the team’s uniform which was all in black. The team has brought to its country countless wins from both local and international competitions.

Some of its former members have even been inducted into the international rugby hall of fame. Currently, they are the Rugby’s World Champions, having won the world cup in 2011, 2015 and the 1987 Inaugural Cup. They were named world rugby’s “Team of the Year” seven consecutive times from 2010 – 2016.

Aside from its amazing prowess, this team also became famous for their “Haka” which is their traditional Maori war cry or challenge. The All Blacks perform this before every game in front of their rival team.


The English Rugby Team is the second-ranked rugby team in the world, with a ranking point as high as 90.46. They were called Reds and Whites for a time, after the team’s rose emblem; however, this name was very seldom used. The team’s players wear a white jersey decorated with a rose, white shorts and navy socks.

The English team is part of the Six Nations Side which includes Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Italy, and France. England received their highest world ranking in 2004 when they became the number one team. They are the only team from continental Europe to actually win the World Cup. Their biggest win was against Romania in 2001 where they beat Romania for 134 points.

Like New Zealand, many notable players from England were also inducted into the international rugby hall of fame.


Australia’s “Wallabies” hold the title for the third spot in the rugby world ranking. Another big contender for the World Cup, this team has a world ranking of 86.35.

After the New Zealand team’s nickname became so popular, there was increased demand for the Australian team to have one too. So they were named after the wallaby, a marsupial which belongs to the family of kangaroos. The colors green and gold then became the team’s jersey color.

After having their lowest rank (sixth) in 2015, they have successfully bounced back to second place in 2016, their highest recorded rank. In October 2003 they defeated Namibia, in their greatest game ever where the score was 142 for Australia and 0 for Namibia. Since 1987, they have joined the World Cup eight times, rising higher in the ranks every time.


Another top rugby team is the Irish Rugby Team. This team is part of the Six Nations Side and like the other European countries has not adopted a nickname for their team. They are, however, very recognizable for their green jersey.

There is an on-going rivalry between Ireland and England, and this sometimes translates to their game. Ireland, as the fourth in the world rankings, competes annually in the Six Nations Championship and the Rugby World Cup. Its highest ever ranking in the world cup was in 2015 where it achieved second place for the first time. Overall, their point rankings for this year are 83.53 which makes them a fierce competitor.


Wales is not only known for their beautiful and rugged coastal areas but also for their strong rugby team. They are very distinct with their red jersey with an embroidered red dragon on the back. Admirably, the Welsh team have won the Six Nations Championship for 26 times. The team however dropped to the fifth spot this year from the second spot last 2015. They were the first team who played against the New Zealand team in 1905 at Cardiff and they defeated the All Blacks 3 to 0. Recently their point rankings remain at 82.99, a few points below Ireland.

With the next Rugby World Cup practically around the corner, expectations are ripe and the pressure is on all the teams. The next one will be held in Japan in 2019. Now with only 2 years before the event, other powerhouse countries like South Africa, Scotland, France, Argentina, Japan, and Italy will be vying for the top spots. Will the All Blacks remain on top or will another team surpass them?